Planet Kitchen

A Headbanger's Guide to Awesome Food

Fruit and Herb Smoothie

And so the summer ends in beautiful sunsets and the smell of rain. Most of the seasonal fruits are now gone, so bye bye strawbs, blueberries or raspberries for breakfast. Sure you can still buy imported berries and berries from greenhouses but they are not the same sadly. However, there are still some fruits available, like juicy peaches, oranges, kiwi and bananas which are here the whole year round. Here's a little recipe for a delicious autumn smoothie full of fruits and herbs, bursting with flavour.

Cheese and Spinach Pasties

A classic. Puff pastry triangles with spinach, gorgonzola and feta cheese. I started making these, as snacks for parties and gatherings, as they are even quicker to assemble than my favourite Mushroom Pasties. And equally delicious. Brined cheese (Bulgarian sirene or Greek feta) lends its awesome saltiness to the spinach, while gorgonzola makes for all the spice it could need. So easy and so perfect, what more could I say.

Mushroom Pasties

Whenever I am to prepare snacks for a party or any other gathering, this is my top choice. Those pasties are quick and easy to put together (if you use a ready-made puff pastry that is, otherwise - it is still easy, but terribly time-consuming) and yet they are freakishly popular among my guests and they disappear instantly, no matter how many I make.

Jasmine and Grapefruit Cucumberade

Which is basically just like lemonade, only much cooler. Made of fresh cucumbers, grapefruit juice, jasmine flowers and spring water, it is one of my beloved summertime drinks. It's delicious, it's fragrant and it's just so wonderfully refreshing...! It helps you replenish electrolytes lost during a hot day or after a workout, it's low in calories and diet-friendly. It works as a mild diuretic, it cleanses and reduces bloating.

Double Nutella Cookies

Those were one of my birthday cookies this year. I had quite a few people invited and had to plan my menu to include all of them, so the logical conclusion was to go for something with Nutella - everybody likes Nutella, right? The cookies were highly experimantal (meaning I pretty much made them up on the go) but it seems I got them just right. At least the guests were fond of them as well as my sweet-toothed parents. Myself - not so much, as they are way too sweet for my taste with all that Nutella inside, I guess I'll just stick to my favourite salty Peanut Butter Cookies for the time being.

Lentil and Mushroom Wholemeal Rolls

Have I mentioned I suck at making, so to speak, faux food? Take vegan "meatballs" (or any sort of vegan burgers for that matter) - I can't seem to get it right - the food seems to have the right consistency, it sure tastes great, but when I proceed to frying it - boom, something goes wrong. It either sticks to the pan for good and I can't scrape it off without creating chaos out of it or it's soft and gooey and just does. Not. Want to. Settle. Anyway, so I tried making these awesome vegan meatballs, which I ate not so long ago at my friend's b'day party and of course I failed. Thus was left with half of the mushroom - lentil mixture and needed to utilize it somehow. This is what I came up with. And wanna know something? These rolls taste great even if you're not into vegan food at all. Phew, at least there are some things I don't suck at.